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Jul 31


LSP is so great. 

“You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly.” (via areumdw)

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Batman Cowl Designs by Carlos D’Anda, Buff Monster, Conrad Leach, Mike PerryJustin Fines, Lee Bermejo, Derek Deal, Nathan Sawaya, Horsebites & Frank Iero

Part of the Cape/Cowl/Create exhibition which debuted at SDCC 2014 and will continue by touring the U.S. Presented in conjunction with DC Comics, Batman: Arkham Knight and Vice.,

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Adventure Time - Princess Day 


OMG King Vendrick’s memories!! - Captures from Dark Souls 2

I’m no king. I am more fit to be a jester. I was unaware of my own blindness.
We are feble vessels, with feeble souls.
We would cast aside the prop of life, only to face greater hardship.
Are you another such fool? Or something more?

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